Owen EliasI am a consultant editor and writer with over 17 years of experience producing and finalizing documents for international organizations working in environment, development and health. I currently provide consulting services to a number of nongovernmental and research organizations, editing reports and journal articles and writing key content for a broad audience.

With a background in development, public health and education, I have a good understanding of the issues many of my clients are trying to address. I began my career teaching English in Laos, running courses for a number of development programmes. Following seven years in education, I transitioned into communications, firstly editing for the World Agroforestry Centre and the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) in Indonesia and then later editing and coordinating publications for Health & Development Networks in Thailand.

Until 2009, I was Managing Editor for Inís Communication, a Thailand-based communication consultancy specializing in health and development, where I was responsible for managing all editing assignments and maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and consistency.

I have written key publications for non-profit organizations and my own writing has been published in local and international publications including the Guardian Weekly.

I am currently based in Bonn, Germany – in the heart of Europe, having previously lived and worked in South-East Asia for 17 years.