Since 2002, I have edited and proofread numerous documents for a range of nongovernmental and research organizations concerned with environment, development and health.

The list below includes selected highlights from 2002–2010. My role in the editing of these documents is noted in brackets.

Asia Pacific Alliance (APA)

  • Re-positioning the Asia Pacific Alliance: Strategic and environment consideration (2009)* (Copy-edit)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  • Completion report: Georgia: Emergency assistance for post-conflict recovery (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Completion report: People’s Republic of China: Hebei Province Wastewater Management Project (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Completion report: Tajikistan: Health Sector Reform Project (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Evaluation study: Asian Development Bank’s support to gender and development: Phase II: Results from country case studies (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Performance evaluation report: Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Environment and Social Program (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Project completion report: Pakistan: Road Sector Development Program – Provincial Sector Development Project (Sindh) (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Report and recommendation of the President: Proposed loans and administration of technical assistance grant, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Sustainable Rural Infrastructure Development Project in northern mountain provinces (2010)(Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Promoting regional infrastructure development (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Validation report: Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Validation report: Mongolia: Rural Finance Project (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Validation report: Uzbekistan: Road Rehabilitation Project (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Concept paper: Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Financial Sector Deepening Program – Subprogram 1 (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Country operations business plan: Viet Nam: 2011–2013 (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Major change in scope and implementation arrangements and TA amount: Knowledge and innovation support for ADB’s Water Financing Program (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Performance evaluation report: Independent State of Samoa: Small Business Development Project (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Project completion report: Maldives: Information Technology Development Project (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Program completion report: Indonesia: State Audit Reform Sector Development Program (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Program completion report: Pakistan: Private Participation in Infrastructure Program (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Program completion report: Philippines: Countercyclical Support (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Program completion report: Sri Lanka: Rural Finance Sector Development Program (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Report and recommendation of the President: Cambodia: Provincial Roads Improvement Project (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Report and recommendation of the President: Mongolia: Western Regional Road Corridor Investment Program (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Asia Regional Integration Center, Phase IV (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Central Mekong Delta Region Connectivity Technical Assistance Project (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Tonga: Implementing Strategic Economic Management (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Validation report: Pakistan: Decentralization Support Program (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Validation report: Sri Lanka: Country Partnership Strategy 2009–2011. Final Review Validation (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Completion report: India: East-West Corridor Project (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Completion report: India: West Bengal Corridor Development Project (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Completion report: Nepal: Rural Finance Sector Development Cluster Program (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Completion report: Sri Lanka: Secondary Education Modernization Project II (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Concept paper: The Kingdom of Cambodia: Decentralized Public Service and Financial Management Sector Development Program (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Country operations business plan: Solomon Islands 2014–2016 (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Extended annual review report: Equity Investment: Asian Infrastructure Mezzanine Capital Fund and the Asian Infrastructure Mezzanine Capital Management Limited (Regional) (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Extended annual review report: Gujarat Paguthan Wind Energy Financing Facility (India) (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Extended annual review report: Afghanistan: Roshan Cellular Telecommunications Project, Phases 1–3 (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Grant assistance report (JFPR): Proposed grant assistance: Republic of the Philippines: Promoting partnerships and innovation in poor and underserved communities (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Report and recommendation of the President: Bangladesh: Second Teaching Quality Improvement in Secondary Education Project (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Enhancing coordination of the CAREC Program (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Supporting decentralized rural infrastructure development (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: People’s Republic of Bangladesh: Supporting the Brick Sector Development Program (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Supporting capacity development needs of Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation 2020 (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Annual Report of the Human Resources Committee (2012–2013) (2013) (copy-edit)
  • Asian Development Bank Institute: Three-Year Rolling Work Program, 2014–2016 and Budget for 2014 (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Country operations business plan: Bangladesh 2014–2016 (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Country operations business plan: Federated States of Micronesia 2013–2015 (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Major change: Core Environment Program and Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Initiative in the Greater Mekong Subregion (Phase 2) (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Performance evaluation report: Strengthening Governance and Accountability in the Pacific (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Program completion report: Bangladesh: Road Network Improvement and Maintenance Project (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Project completion report: Afghanistan: Hairatan to Mazar-e-Sharif Railway Project (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Report and recommendation of the President: Nepal: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Road Connectivity Project (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2015 (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Republic of the Union of Myanmar: Support for Strengthening Public Debt Management (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Revenue Management in Resource-Rich Countries (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Selected Evaluation Studies for 2013 (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Technical assistance report: Support for ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum: Regional Standardization of Bond Issuance Framework and Transaction Flows (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Country operations business plan: Viet Nam 2015–2017 (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Performance evaluation report: Provincial Towns Improvement Project in Cambodia (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Performance evaluation report: Tajikistan: Agriculture Rehabilitation Project (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Progress report on tranche release: Bangladesh: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Trade Facilitation Program (Second Tranche) (2014) (Copy edit)
  • Quarterly report: Treasury Report: Third Quarter 2014 (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Project completion report: Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Northern Greater Mekong Subregion Transport Network Improvement Project (2015) (Copy edit)

Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN)

  • Key stakeholder perception assessment (2008)* (Copy-edit)
  • AHRN Myanmar humanitarian aid response to cyclone Nargis (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Taking stock: Advancing the network (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Rapid assessment and response: Preparation for the scale-up of comprehensive harm reduction services in Thailand (2010) (Technical edit)

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

  • IUFRO Task Force on the Forest Science-Policy Interface – case studies (2002) (Copy-edit)
  • Towards mutually-beneficial company-community partnerships in timber plantation: Lessons learnt from Indonesia (2002) (Copy-edit)
  • A Carrefour strategy for Java teak furniture sustainable development (2003) (Copy-edit)
  • Cameroon’s forests and people: A collection of publications, maps, pictures, hyperlinks, and references (CDROM) (2003) (Copy-edit)
  • Governing forest plantations to reduce poverty and improve forest landscapes: A multiagent simulation approach (2003) (Copy-edit)
  • Influence of residue management and soil tillage on second rotation eucalyptus growth (2003) (Copy-edit)
  • Nutritional status, biomass and nutrient contents of litter on eucalyptus plantations under different residue management in Mogi Guaçu, São Paulo, Brazil (2003) (Copy-edit)
  • Simulating forest plantation co-management with a multiagent system (2004) (Copy-edit)
  • Biofuel finance: Global trends in biofuel finance in forest-rich countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America and implications for governance (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • Deforestation and forest degradation: Vietnam country profile (2010) (Technical edit)
  • Territorializing sustainable development: The politics of land-use planning in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • The local social and environmental impacts of biofuel feedstock expansion: A synthesis of case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America (2010) (Copy-edit)
  • A guide to investigation and indictment using the Integrated Law Enforcement Approach (ILEA) (2011) (Technical edit)
  • A review of environmental issues in the context of biofuel sustainability frameworks (2011) (copy-edit)
  • Biofuels in Malaysia: an analysis of the legal and institutional framework (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Chopping for chips: an analysis of wood flows from smallholder plantations in Vietnam (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Community plantation forests in Indonesia: Challenges and policy recommendations (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Ecology and silviculture (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Ecosystem services certification: Opportunities and constraints (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Oil palm estate development and its impacts on forests and local communities in Papua: A case study on the Prafi Plain (2011) (Technical edit)
  • Overview of existing liquid biofuel for transportation technologies (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Policy and institutional frameworks for the development of palm oil-based biodiesel in Indonesia (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Protocols for the measurement, monitoring and reporting of structure, biomass and carbon stocks in mangrove forests (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • REDD politics in the media: A case study from Vietnam (2011) (Technical edit)
  • Suitability of indigenous resource management practices based on supernatural enforcement mechanisms in the local sociocultural context (2011) (Technical edit)
  • What drives the vulnerability of rural communities to climate variability? Consensus and controversies in the Congo Basin (2011) (Copy-edit)
  • Accommodation of climate change in the DRC by the GCCA: Support for training and reforestation (funding agreement) (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Cameroon labour legislation (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Code book for the analysis of media frames in articles on REDD (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Factors influencing PES payment distribution and implications for effective, efficient and equitable PES and REDD+: A  case study of Son La Province, Vietnam (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Forests and trees for social adaptation to climate variability and change (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Global Comparative Study on REDD (GCS-REDD): Component 1 on national REDD+ policies and processes (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Guide for small and medium enterprises in the sustainable non-timber forest product trade in Central Africa (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • The anatomy of large-scale farmland acquisitions in sub-Saharan Africa (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • The formalisation of artisanal mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • The National Bioenergy Investment Model: Technical documentation (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • The timber legality verification system and the voluntary partnership agreement in Indonesia: Challenges for the small-scale forestry sector (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Tropical wetlands for climate change adaptation and mitigation: Science and policy imperatives with special reference to Indonesia (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Tropical Wetlands Initiative for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation (flyer) (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • What drives the vulnerability of rural communities to climate variability? Consensus and controversies in the Congo Basin (2012) (Copy-edit)
  • Policy brief: Linking great ape conservation and poverty alleviation: Sharing experiences from Africa and Asia (2013) (Copy-edit)

  • The developmental implications of Sino-African economic and political relations: A preliminary assessment for the case of Zambia (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • The impacts of oil palm plantations on forests and people in Papua: A case study from Boven Digoel District (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Agriculture and deforestation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A synthesis of the current state of knowledge (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • An introduction to the Gender Box (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Assessing the effect on wood pellet quality of the gap between roller and die in a ring-die pelletizer (2014) (Substantive edit)
  • Deadlock or transformational change? Exploring public discourse on REDD+ across seven countries (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Further guidance for REDD+ safeguard information systems: An analysis of positions in the UNFCCC negotiations (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • FPIC Vietnam (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Oil palm estate development and its impact on forests and local communities in West Papua: A case study on the Prafi Plain (2014) (Copy edit)
  • Palm oil and biodiversity – Policy brief (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Policy options for improved integration of domestic timber markets under the VPA regime (7 infobriefs) (2014) (copy-edit)
  • REDD+ benefit sharing (2 infobriefs) (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • REDD+ politics in the media: A case study from Peru (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • REDD+ safeguards (3 infobriefs) (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Synergies across a REDD+ landscape: Non-carbon benefits, joint mitigation and adaptation, and an analysis of submissions to the SBSTA (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Timber legality verification and small-scale forestry enterprises in Indonesia: Lessons learned and policy options (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Zambia country profile: Monitoring, reporting and verification for REDD+ (2014) (Copy-edit)
  • Lessons from voluntary partnership agreements for REDD+ benefit sharing (2015)
  • Perceptions of Indonesian rural populations towards industrial timber plantations:
    Application of the Q-method (2015) (Copy-edit)
  • Policy progress with REDD+ and the promise of performance-based payments: A qualitative comparative analysis of 13 countries (2015) (Copy-edit)
  • Smallholders and forest use in the Western Amazon: Strengths and shortcomings of forest reforms and new policy perspectives (2015) (Substantive edit)
  • The state of oil palm expansion in the Brazilian Amazon: Trends, value chain dynamics, and business models (2015) (Copy-edit)
  • Sustainable use and commercialization of bushmeat in Colombia: Toward the operationalization of legal frameworks (2016) (Copy-edit)
  • The technical and political challenges of the industrial, large-scale, concession-based forest sector in Cameroon (2016) (Substantive edit)
  • Women’s participation in REDD+ national decision-making in Vietnam (2016) (Substantive edit)

FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society (FIA)

  • Seat-belts and child restraints: A road safety manual for decision-makers and practitioners (2008)* (Proofread)

Global Forum for Health Research

  • Forum 11 – Book of abstracts (2007)* (Copy-edit)
  • Health partnerships review (2007, 2008)* (Copy-edit)
  • Mental health: Mapping of research capacity in low- and middle-income countries (2007)*  (Copy-edit)
  • Mental health research in Latin American and Caribbean countries: Mapping the challenges to reduce the ‘10/90 gap’ (2007)* (Proofread)
  • Monitoring financial flows (2007, 2008, 2009)* (Proofread)
  • Changing mindsets: Research capacity strengthening in low- and middle-income countries (2008)* (Proofread)
  • Equitable access: Research challenges for health in developing countries – A report on Forum 11 (2008)* (Copy-edit)
  • Young voices (2008, 2009)* (Proofread)

Green Climate Fund

  • Documents in support of the October 2013 Board meeting (2013) (Copy-edit)

Health & Development Networks (HDN)

  • Fighting TB on the frontlines – Key findings and recommendations on the crucial role played by front-line health workers in TB control (2005) (Copy-edit)
  • The Correspondent – Issue 13: The Global Fund Partnership Forum, Bangkok, Thailand, July 2004 (2005) (Copy-edit)
  • Living on the outside – Key findings and recommendations on the nature and impact of HIV/AIDS-related stigma (2006) (Copy-edit)
  • The Correspondent – Issue 14: The promise of Bangkok: Time to deliver (2006) (Copy-edit)
  • The Correspondent – Issue 15: From Kobe to Colombo: Keeping AIDS in focus in Asia and the Pacific (2006) (Copy-edit)
  • The Correspondent – Issue 16: Fighting TB on the frontlines – Highlights and recommendations from the Stop-TB eForum 2005 (2006) (Copy-edit)
  • Mainstreaming AIDS vaccines into existing HIV-related discourses (2007) (Copy-edit)
  • Caring from within: Key findings and policy recommendations on home-based care in Zimbabwe (2008)* (Copy-edit)
  • Seen and heard: Children affected by HIV and AIDS (2008)* (Copy-edit)

HelpAge International – Asia Pacific Regional Development Centre

  • Strengthening disaster and crisis preparedness in the Asia Pacific region (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • The situation of older people in cyclone-affected Myanmar (Factsheets) (2009)* (Copy-edit)


  • Adolescent boys, young men and sexuality (Copy-edit) (2016)
  • Advocacy and advocacy capacity strengthening  – country sheets (Copy-edit) (2016)
  • A gender transformative approach (2016) (Copy-edit)
  • Engaging men in ending gender-based violence in conflict affected areas (2016) (Copy-edit)
  • Men are part of the solution (2016) (Copy-edit)
  • MenCare+ – country sheets (2016) (Copy-edit)
  • My child, I will explain it to you… A booklet for parents: Talking to your children about love, relationships and sexuality (2016) (Substantive edit)
  • Right Here, Right Now: Protect, respect and fulfil young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights – a programme summary (2016) (Copy-edit)
  • Trainer’s manual for the training of teachers and peer educators in ‘Le Monde Commence par Moi’ (2016) (Copy-edit)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – Regional Centre, Bangkok

  • The Millennium Development Goals and human rights (2008)* (Copy-edit)
  • Assessing gender responsive local capacity development in Indonesia (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Climate change and the Millennium Development Goals (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Energy costing tool – User’s guide (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Gender and climate change: Impact and adaptation (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Leadership for change: Reflections from Asia (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Networking and learning together: Experiences in south-south and triangular cooperation in Asia (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • The MDGs through socio-economic rights: Constitution making and implementation handbook (2009)* (Copy-edit)

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat

  • Various documents in support of Conference Affairs Services (Jan-May 2015) (Copy-editing)

United Nations System Influenza Coordination (UNSIC) – Asia-Pacific Regional Hub

  • Avian and pandemic influenza coordination: A resource guide for UN country teams (2008)* (Copy-edit)
  • Simulation exercises on influenza pandemic responses in the Asia-Pacific region (2008)* (Proofread)

World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

  • Fire in the wetlands/peatlands of Sumatra: Problems and solutions (2004) (Copy-edit)
  • The role of land tenure in improving sustainable land management and the environment in a forest zone in Lampung, Sumatra (2004) (Copy-edit)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Centre for Health Development Kobe (WKC)

  • Survey report on selected public–private partnerships for health in Hyogo prefecture, Kobe city, Japan (2006)* (Proofread)
  • Sustaining action on social determinants of health in urban settings: Report of a UN-HABITAT/WHO workshop (2006)* (Proofread)
  • Report on the Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations (2014)* (Copy-edit)
  • Survey of needs for assistive and medical devices for older people in six countries of the WHO Western Pacific Region: China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea and Viet Nam (2014)* (Technical edit)

Child and Adolescent Health and Development

  • Adolescents, social support and help-seeking behaviour: An international literature review and programme consultation with recommendations for action (2006)* (Copy-edit)
  • The adolescent with a chronic condition (2006)* (Copy-edit)
  • Adolescent pregnancy: Unmet needs and undone deeds – A review of the literature and programmes (2007)* (Copy-edit)
  • Helping parents in developing countries improve adolescents’ health (2007)* (Proofread)
  • Summaries of projects in developing countries assisting the parents of adolescents (2007)* (Copy-edit)
  • Promoting adolescent sexual and reproductive health through schools: An information brief (2008)* (Proofread)
  • Adolescent job aid: A handy desk reference tool for primary level health workers (2009)* (Proofread)
  • A qualitative review of psychosocial support interventions for young people living with HIV (2009)* (Proofread)
  • IMAI Training Course: One-day Orientation on Adolescents Living with HIV (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Methods and tools to support the ‘4-S framework’ in countries (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Planning HIV and reproductive health programmes for young people: Training course for public health managers (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Quality assessment guidebook: A guide to assessing health services for adolescent clients (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Strengthening the health sector response to adolescent health and development (2009)* (Proofread)

European Centre for Environment and Health

  • Nanotechnology and human health: Scientific evidence and risk governance (Discussion document) (2013) (Technical edit)
  • Nanotechnology and human health: Scientific evidence and risk governance (Meeting report) (2013) (Technical edit)

Gender, Women and Health

  • Equitable access to HIV treatment for women: A situation analysis of sex- and age-disaggregated data (2006)* (Proofread)
  • Strategies and recommendations to address violence against women in the context of HIV testing and counselling (2006)* (Proofread)

Global Influenza Programme

  • Preparing for an influenza pandemic (Factsheets) (2009)* (Copy-edit)

Global Service Centre

  • Global Service Centre 2012–2013 Biennium report (2014)* (Technical edit)

Global TB Programme

  • Policy implementation package for new TB drug introduction (2014)* (Technical edit)

Health Systems Financing

  • National health insurance in Viet Nam: An assessment of its organization and governance (2013) (Technical edit)

HIV Vaccine Initiative

  • Defining the objectives of the AIDS Vaccine for Asia Network (2010)* (Technical edit)

Human Resources for Health

  • Handbook on monitoring and evaluation of human resources for health ­– with special applications for low- and middle-income countries (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Human resources for health and aid effectiveness study in Mozambique (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Models and tools for health workforce planning and projections (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Review of departments/units of human resources for health at national and subnational levels – Draft assessment tool (2009)* (Proofread)

Interventions for Health Environments

  • Report: 10th Meeting of the Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Occupational Health (2016) (Copy-edit)

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

  • Epilepsy Management at Primary Health Level in rural China: WHO/ILAE/IBE Global Campaign Against Epilepsy demonstration project (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Mental health systems in selected low- and middle-income countries: A WHO-AIMS cross-national analysis (2009)* (Proofread)

Public Health and Environment

  • Proceedings of the First Interministerial Conference on Health and Environment in Africa, Libreville, Gabon (2008)* (Copy-edit)
  • Climate change is affecting our health: Something should be done now (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Healthy hospitals – healthy planet: How the health-care sector can reduce its climate footprint (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Proceedings of the Meeting of Partners on the Implementation of the Libreville Declaration on Health and Environment in Africa (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Protecting health from climate change (Brochure) (2009)* (Proofread)
  • Protecting health from climate change: Global research priorities (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Protecting health from climate change: Top 10 actions for health professionals (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Protecting health from climate change: Top 10 actions for national and local policy-makers (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Public Health & Environment News (enewsletter) (March–December 2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Public health and environment in the African Region (2010)* (Copy-edit)

Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean

  • A practical guide to developing and implementing school policy on diet and physical activity (2009)* (Technical edit)

Regional Office for the Western Pacific

  • Good practices in reducing the demand for tobacco in the Western Pacific Region (2009)* (Copy-edit)
  • Urbani school health kit (2009)* (Copy-edit)

TB & M/XDR-TB Control Programme

  • Best practices in prevention, control and care for drug-resistant tuberculosis in the WHO European Region (2013) (Copy-edit)
  • Policy Implementation Package for New TB Drug Introduction (2014)* (Technical edit)

WHO-Global Fund Partnership

  • WHO support to countries in accessing and utilizing resources from the Global Fund: A handbook (2014) (Copy-edit)

WHO Regional Office for Europe

  • EVIPNet Europe starter kit (2015) (Copy-edit)
  • Public health aspects of migrant health: a review of the evidence on health status for labour migrants in the European Region (2015) (Proofread)
  • Public health aspects of migrant health: a review of the evidence on health status for refugees and asylum seekers in the European Region (2015) (Proofread)
  • Public health aspects of migrant health: a review of the evidence on health status for undocumented migrants in the European Region (2015) (Proofread)


* Documents thus marked were edited in my capacity as Managing Editor or Associate Editor for Inís Communication.

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