I have written a number of key publications for international organizations working in sustainable development and public health. Some highlights of these are as follows:

Rutgers track record on advocacy for comprehensive sexuality education (Rutgers 2016): This writing assignment required the digesting and condensing of a much longer technical document into a short, compelling text to be shared with donors.

Modeling impact in BangladeshModeling impact in Bangladesh (project description), WorldFish (2012): This is one of several project descriptions I wrote for WorldFish – in this instance, outlining a project in Bangladesh that is assessing the impacts of international agricultural research on poverty and under nutrition. Based on a series of technical documents provided by the client, I created this reader-friendly narrative for a general web audience.

NCD factsheetPreventing noncommunicable diseases (fact sheets), WHO ( 2009)*: This series of five factsheets on preventing noncommunicable diseases was targeted at policy-makers in the WHO Western Pacific Region. It included information on the importance of regular physical activity and healthy diet. The writing required extensive research of WHO materials on noncommunicable diseases, condensing of complex technical information and recommendations into concise, reader-friendly text, and careful liaison with graphic designers to ensure complimentary layout. I was principal researcher and author of these factsheets, although content has since been revised as the product has been further developed.

Insight issue 4Insight, Inís Communication enewsletter (2009)*: As well as coordinating overall production of the enewsletter, I also wrote and co-wrote a number of short feature articles including:

  • Client focus: The Global Forum
  • Extending your reach: e-news for a wider audience
  • Post MDGs: Be prepared…for anything
  • Visual identity: a window on the organizational soul?
  • Client focus: The Millennium Campaign

HULCHealthy Urbanization Learning Circles (HULC) Interim Package, WHO (2008)*: The Healthy Urbanization Learning Circles (HULC) training package is designed to facilitate action research projects to improve governance, address social determinants of health and promote health equity in urban settings. This short introduction and advocacy document was distilled from hundreds of pages of training materials. Writing involved extensive composition of original text, simplification of processes and materials, and careful illustration with selected tools and resources. I co-authored this document with another member of the Inís team.

HDN Status Update - CoverStatus Update 2007/2008, Health & Development Networks (2007)*: This publication was designed to provide partners, donors and other key stakeholders with an overview of the achievements and strategic vision of Health & Development Networks. The writing of this biennial report required close collaboration with the client, careful consolidation of existing materials and extensive consultation with various teams and individuals to compile a comprehensive overview of the organization’s activities and future direction. I was the principal author of this document, compiled from various HDN resources, although additional editorial input was provided by another member of the Inís team.

Personal writing

I have also pursued my own writing over the past 10 years and my work has appeared in a number of local and international publications, including the Guardian Weekly (UK).

  • Various HIV-related articles, Chiang Mai Mail (2005–6)
  • Fight for your right, to party, Chiang Mai CityLife (2005)
  • Training of Trainers – Refugee Youth, Health Messenger (2004)
  • Various feature articles, Chiang Mai City Guide (2003)
  • Giving the Dead a Good Send-off, Guardian Weekly (2002)
  • Taken Over by the Tourist Dollar, Guardian Weekly (2001)
  • Unearthing Ancient Origins on the Plain of Jars, Vientiane Times (1996)

* Written in my former position as Managing Editor for Inís Communication (2007–2009)

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