What I offer

  • Extensive experience editing and writing for nongovernmental and research organizations
  • Background in public health, development and education
  • Careful attention to detail and quality
  • Excellent time and project management
  • Consistent application of house style
  • Constructive feedback for authors

I offer a range of editing and writing services, as described briefly below:


The aim of copy-editing is to achieve an accurate and consistent text that is clearly recognizable as a given client’s product. My focus is on clarifying the existing language and structure so that the content is readily understood. I will also flag obvious issues with the content, where they arise.

Technical editing:

In addition to meeting the requirements for basic copy-editing, ‘technical’ editing demands a greater degree of engagement with the content of the document, raising technical queries for the author(s) and revising the written material in the light of their responses. This type of editing also covers other tasks such as reducing the length of a document or integrating additional content, where necessary.

Substantive editing:

Substantive editing requires both editorial and writing skills; the task may involve major restructuring and even rethinking of a manuscript. I collaborate closely with the author(s) to develop the content, for example by refining an inadequate original text, combining several existing texts in a new presentation, or integrating additional content from discussions with the author(s). The resulting text is also edited to ensure accuracy and consistency.


Writing tasks are as varied as the documents they result in. Assignments might begin with nothing more than an idea, to be developed, researched, structured and written, or they may consist of a detailed outline, specific source material and a clearly defined message. Either way, a clear and audience-specific product is produced in close consultation with the client.






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